Are you ready to transform your body and learn how to maintain
your results?

This programme has been designed by two international female athletes to give you the knowledge and tools to get you real results.

No experience is required and don’t worry if you’ve not done physical activity for a while. We will guide you through the process and break you in gently.

We are not about crash dieting and yo-yoing with body weight. We will help you make intelligent lifestyle changes with regard to your nutrition and training, and this is how we keep the weight off and maintain long-term results.

Our Programme Will Help You...

✓  Drop unwanted body fat

✓  Trim your waistline

✓  Shape your body

✓  Feel more confident

✓  Improve your health

✓  Release endorphins and help you feel happier in yourself

✓  Increase your muscle strength and tone

✓  Increase your fitness levels to cope more easily with the demands of exercise on the body and to meet the demands of everyday life – leaving you feeling more energised

Transform Your Body In 12 Weeks

Proven Training

Our comprehensive Operation Transformation programme uses proven training methods combined with the latest nutritional science

Here’s what’s included...

➢  Initial on-line consultation

➢  ‘Preparation Week 0’

➢  A personalised 12 week progressive training program targeted to your experience level. Our course will break you in gently if needed, and we will always be on hand to provide good, sound advice to help you transform yourself and achieve your goals

➢  Regular feedback on your training with a new, progressed program at the halfway point of 6 weeks

➢  Nutritional guidance, analysis, feedback and recipes

➢  Mindset, Motivation and Goal Setting

➢  Other informative and educational videos, blogs and pdfs – our aim is for you to finish our course with a better understanding of training and nutrition, so you don’t always have to rely on fitness professionals to help you. We want to help you gain control yourself

➢  Online support via group, email support and telephone contact if required

➢  Access to an extensive video library, that you can view on any device. We show you how to perform every exercise on our course

 A complete package!

Breezes’ Operation Transformation Program Options


What our clients say...

Ready to Get Started?


Before you sign up to Operation Transformation, click on the ‘schedule a call’ button below, and we will arrange a call with you so that we can answer any questions you may have. During this time, we will also discuss what your goals are, so that we can then plan your bespoke training programme accordingly. Your training programme will then be emailed to you by the end of ‘week zero’.


During the sign-up process, please make sure that you tick the box where you are asked about receiving emails as we mostly communicate via email feedback. During ‘week zero’, while we are designing your programme, you can log into the members area (you will receive an email with login details) and access nutritional and education information relevant to your programme.


During ‘week zero’, you will also receive instructions from us on how to log your baseline information (bodyweight, photos, measurements), as well as other information (regarding nutrition and My Fitness Pal for example). This enables us to get things in place during ‘week zero’ to make sure you are ready to go at ‘week 1’, and optimise your results from the off.


Once you have received your programme via email, you can familiarise yourself with any exercises via our exercise library. All exercises on your programme will be hyperlinked to the exercise library (videos of us demonstrating), so there is no confusion about what any exercise is. You will need to be logged into your member area to view these videos.

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Remember, you can contact us via email or on the Facebook group should any questions arise at any time.

We very much look forward to helping you achieve your own personal goals.





A one off payment





A one off payment

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